About us

The coffee Business is a passion for me. Started with my own first branch in the KSA Dammam Area with large Varieties of Green Coffee Beans. Then started the roasting process to serve our customers with a full solution.
Came back to UAE & started the roasted coffee beans business besides supplying the green coffee beans.
Now Madkhana Coffee Trading is considered one of the leading companies in this field in UAE with more than 35 varieties,
All of the above besides the Speciality Tea.
Our goal & aim is to be one of the leaders in this business across the gulf.

Our objectives:

To promote unique coffees to the whole consumer world, to always provide our clients with the best quality, affordable coffee, and to guarantee quality to our clients under the guidance of our directors who have decades-long experience in the industry.
One of our main goals is to promote the majority of small-scale farmers by marketing their coffee and thereby creating a steady source of income for them.


Our Services

One of the main suppliers for

1) Colombian Coffee Green Beans.

2) Brazilian Green Coffee Beans

3) Ethiopian Green Coffee Beans.


4) Specialty Roasted Coffee beans.

5) Coffee bags (250, 500 & 1000 grams).

6) Specialty Tea ( Iced & Hot drinks).


7) Speciality Hibiscus (8 different varieties).

8) Speciality Coffee Grinders.

9) Coffee Machines Services & repair.

10) Geisha Coffee Beans Varieties ( Green & Roasted).